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IBRD Statement Of Loans - Historical Data Sep 23, 2020; View data catalog More Resources. Open Data Catalog. Provides a listing of available World Bank datasets, including databases, pre-formatted tables, reports, and other resources. DataBank. An analysis and visualisation tool that contains collections of time series data on a variety of topics. Standardized stop data are available to download (by location) from the table below. We provide these data in both CSV and RDS formats. In addition, shapefiles are available for select locations. The table includes a subset of common fields for each location, and indicates whether data are available for at least 70% of records in that location. The data indexes two things. First, the overall impact of Covid 19 on the industry by showing year-over-year seated diners at a sample of restaurants on the OpenTable network across all channels: online reservations, phone reservations, and walk-ins. For year-over-year comparisons by day, we compare to the same day of the week from the same ... Compensation Data. Source: Government sources + profile data What it is: Wage estimations based on wage data (from government sources) plus self-reported wage data (from our profile data). What it can do: Compensation data can help you estimate how much a position should be paid based on a worker’s actual experience and skills, rather than their mere job title. Improving Access to Older Adult Health Data for Timely Use Amid COVID-19 and Beyond. Today marks the launch of the Older Adults Health Data Collection – a new resource cataloging over 200 Federal datasets previously available on related to the health of older Americans. This centralized location will assist experts from academia, industry, government, civil society, and the public ... Data definition is - factual information (such as measurements or statistics) used as a basis for reasoning, discussion, or calculation. How to use data in a sentence. Is data singular or plural? Cases, Data, and Surveillance to track and analyze COVID-19 at the local, state, and national levels. CDC is responding to the novel (new) coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Skip directly to site content Skip directly to page options Skip directly to A-Z link. Self-Checker. Data definition, a plural of datum. See more. Data is a collection of facts, such as numbers, words, measurements, observations or just descriptions of things. Qualitative vs Quantitative. Data can be qualitative or quantitative. Qualitative data is descriptive information (it describes something) Quantitative data is numerical information (numbers) Quantitative data can be Discrete or ... Define data. data synonyms, data pronunciation, data translation, English dictionary definition of data. pl.n. 1. Facts that can be analyzed or used in an effort to gain knowledge or make decisions; information. 2. Statistics or other information represented in...


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2020.09.30 02:27 Spyko Update download stuck I don't know what else to try

hello earlier today (or well yesterday, depending on your timezone I guess) the new updates dropped, I went to download it and it was going smoothly at a steady pace 'til it got stuck at 1.09go left (now 1.75go left, after re-downloading Hearthstone) and I've tried every solution i could find online I deleted and reinstalled the game as I said, I also tried to empty the cache in %programData%, I desactivated both my firewall and anti-virus, restarted the launcher while giving it admin right, I restarted my PC... nothing work and im all out of idea is there anyone that had a similar issue ? Or have a fix ? thanks in advance
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2020.09.30 02:25 Ser67 Pop_os stop booting help

Hey guys so a little backstory I basically changed the DE on my pop_os to kde. Now I was trying to use light and everything worked fine throughout the process except for when having to reboot. Upon rebooting I found that I just get a blank black screen. I now know the issue is that the software i’m trying to use doesn’t work with the nvidia graphics card on my Thinkpad, and that the way to get the fix is to set the graphics to hybrid graphics or simply to use the intel graphics.
However upon trying to alt f2 into the pop os load in screen I have to enter my password, after inputting the disk crypt data password pop os doesn’t give me enough time or simply doesn’t stop so that I can put in the command needed. I just wanted to know if there were anyway to stop pop os from booting so that I can have time to switch the graphics manually through this alt f2 menu or if there is a way to directly boot into the gnome pop_os!. Thanks so much guys and a new mistake to learn from on my part to do my research and not be so infatuated with how i can change how my desktop looks
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2020.09.30 02:24 xietydiety Glitch? Bug? Hacked?

I was using the app and clicked on my caretaker icon for the report. A notification popped up saying that I’m no longer a member of the Happy Helper Plan. It exited back out to the map.
I restarted the app and a new message came up that my subscription data could not be obtained. The subscription was just renewed on the 23rd.
What just happened? What do I do? How do I fix this?
Help :(
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2020.09.30 02:24 kaizokukaiju Alright. Now I'm frustrated.

I've been having a lot of trouble with the 6-ping-kick thing on my laptop.
My laptop's about 5 years old and our internet service is Verizon, so after getting tips to refresh my DNS or whatever, I decided to just consider the game to be a loss on my laptop. So I switched to my phone.
My phone is a Pixel 3 and I turned off wifi to use only data, meaning I'd bypass literally anything that caused the ping-kick to happen on my laptop.
And I got ping-kicked.
Now, granted, this is only the first time it happened on my phone, but it happened so often on my laptop and happened to almost no one else I've played with for weeks now.
So...what gives?
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2020.09.30 02:23 snori74 Day 19 - Inodes, symlinks and stat


Today's topic gives a peek “under the covers” at the technical detail of how files are stored.
Linux supports a large number of different “filesystems” - although on a server you’ll typically be dealing with just ext3 or ext4 and perhaps btrfs - but today we’ll not be dealing with any of these; instead with the layer of Linux that sits above all of these - the Linux Virtual Filesystem.
The VFS is a key part of Linux, and an overview of it and some of the surrounding concepts is very useful in confidently administering a system.


Linux has an extra layer between the filename and the file's actual data on the disk - this is the inode. This has a numerical value which you can see most easily in two ways:
The -i switch on the ls command:
 ls -li /etc/hosts 35356766 -rw------- 1 root root 260 Nov 25 04:59 /etc/hosts 
The stat command:
 stat /etc/hosts File: `/etc/hosts' Size: 260 Blocks: 8 IO Block: 4096 regular file Device: 2ch/44d Inode: 35356766 Links: 1 Access: (0600/-rw-------) Uid: ( 0/ root) Gid: ( 0/ root) Access: 2012-11-28 13:09:10.000000000 +0400 Modify: 2012-11-25 04:59:55.000000000 +0400 Change: 2012-11-25 04:59:55.000000000 +0400 
Every file name "points" to an inode, which in turn points to the actual data on the disk. This means that several filenames could point to the same inode - and hence have exactly the same contents. In fact this is a standard technique - called a "hard link". The other important thing to note is that when we view the permissions, ownership and dates of filenames, these attributes are actually kept at the inode level, not the filename. Much of the time this distinction is just theoretical, but it can be very important.


Work through the steps below to get familiar with hard and soft linking:
First move to your home directory with:
Then use the ln ("link") command to create a “hard link”, like this:
ln /etc/passwd link1
and now a "symbolic link" (or “symlink”), like this:
ln -s /etc/passwd link2
Now use ls -li to view the resulting files, and less or cat to view them.
Note that the permissions on a symlink generally show as allowing everthing - but what matters is the permission of the file it points to.
Both hard and symlinks are widely used in Linux, but symlinks are especially common - for example:
ls -ltr /etc/rc2.d/*
This directory holds all the scripts that start when your machine changes to “runlevel 2” (it's normal running state) - but you'll see that in fact most of them are symlinks to the real scripts in /etc/init.d
It's also very common to have something like :
 prog prog-v3 prog-v4 
where the program "prog", is a symlink - originally to v3, but now points to v4 (and could be pointed back if required)
Read up in the resources provided, and test on your server to gain a better understanding. In particular, see how permissions and file sizes work with symbolic links versus hard links or simple files

The Differences

Hard links:
Symbolic (soft) links:





Copyright 2012-2020 @snori74 (Steve Brorens). Can be reused under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence (CC BY 4.0).* This means you can copy, distribute and adapt the material as long as you credit Steve Brorens, and abide by the CC BY 4.0 licence terms.
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2020.09.30 02:22 AC127 [University Statistics] When to use sample variance/SD vs population variance/SD

I just got a homework back from university, and missed practically every standard deviation question, as I interpreted it as requiring population variance as opposed to sample variance. Below are some of the scenarios we were given.
Calculate the variance/SD in driving distance of the top 40 players on the PGA tour (Data of the top 40 players on tour is given)
Calculate the midterm variance/SD of a class of 20 students
In my mind, these are populations, not samples. The data seems to be only interested in the top 40 golfers, not all PGA golfers. It even says in the question “find an interval that is guaranteed to contain the driving distance of 75% of THESE golfers.
The midterm class one seems even more obvious to me. All 20 students in the class’s scores are listed.
I scheduled a meeting time with my teacher to discuss, I just want to make sure I’m not crazy and I have valid points to make.
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2020.09.30 02:22 poodidit Keyword Data

Does anyone have info on how to read keyword data and what we can do with the info to drive conversations? Thx.
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2020.09.30 02:20 MarshallBrain Inequality and Covid-19 in 13 Charts - the hard data we’ve gathered show undeniable catastrophic health and economic impacts on ordinary Americans, particularly in marginalized communities. While some predicted early on that the pandemic would be a “great equalizer,” it has instead exacerbated....

Inequality and Covid-19 in 13 Charts - the hard data we’ve gathered show undeniable catastrophic health and economic impacts on ordinary Americans, particularly in marginalized communities. While some predicted early on that the pandemic would be a “great equalizer,” it has instead exacerbated.... submitted by MarshallBrain to ConcentrationOfWealth [link] [comments]

2020.09.30 02:19 nihal196 PiVPN not always connected on Wireguard

I set up my S8 to only transfer data on the internet with my PiVPN connected to my home network which has a PiHole. Sometimes, however, the connection fails to load recent activity, such as a message on signal. It's only fixed if I turn on and off Wireguard. Why is this the case? Anything I can do to fix it? I'm a bit of a noob, so let me know what infomation I can provide that would be helpful.
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2020.09.30 02:18 tengrrl Nominations: Ken Rainey Award

The Society for Technical Communication is pleased to open nominations for the 2021 Ken Rainey Award for Excellence in Research. Learn more about the award and see past winners.
Criteria for Nominations
The researcher must have accomplished the following:
Eligibility and Nomination Guidelines
Nomination Procedures and Deadlines
To nominate someone (or yourself), simply send the full name, email address, and phone number of the nominee to the 2021 Rainey Award Committee chair, Miles A Kimball ([[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) ) and STC Staff Liaison Elaine Gilliam () by 1 November 2020. After the committee chair and STC staff determine that a nominee is eligible, the nominee must prepare a nomination packet, which will be due 12/15/2020.
Miles A Kimball, PhD
Professor, Department of Communication & Media, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Associate Fellow, Society for Technical Communication
Co-editor, SUNY Press Technical Communication Book Series
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2020.09.30 02:17 tengrrl Applications: 2021 Dartmouth Summer Seminar

The application process is open for the 2021 Dartmouth Summer Seminar for Writing Research, July 25-August 6, 2021!
Are you comfortable with your usual research approach, but looking to develop data-driven research abilities or to focus your data gathering to come to stronger answers to your questions? Do you have expertise in qualitative work, but interest in making your qualitative work more systematic or purposeful? Perhaps you have a project that is leaving you feeling uncertain about how to best proceed with your data, or are feeling intellectually isolated or underresourced as you work on your research, seeking a research network and collaborative community? How can you maintain your research momentum in these challenging times?
A description of the Dartmouth Summer Seminar for Writing Research as well as the call for applications, the link to apply, and a copy of the application questions can be accessed at: []
Partial scholarships are available for community college, HBCU, and TBU participants.
As you might imagine, most institutions and campuses are unsure about what summer 2021 might look like and the challenges it might bring. The Summer Seminar faces similar challenges, and we have learned we will not know until February-March of 2021 whether in fact Dartmouth will be able to host an in-person Summer Seminar. We hope so, and are proceeding for now assuming that it will be possible. However, we will reassess at that time. If we cannot host an in-person seminar, and we cannot find a matching alternative location, we will offer all accepted participants the option to pursue a modified alternative virtual experience or to withdraw. We are committed to supporting writing research growth and development, and will work hard to best serve that purpose for you and with you.
We look forward to reading your applications, due December 15, 2020. Don’t hesitate to write with any questions,
Tiane Donahue for the Summer Seminar team
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2020.09.30 02:15 AlfabettySoupd Spinner's Choice + Opponent's Choice Combo (Spoilers for Bibbiani v. Liz Shannon Miller)

The recent Bibbiani v. Liz Shannon Miller match got me curious about the history of the Spinner's Choice + Opponent's Choice combo in Schmoedown matches. To my surprise, there were more matches that involved the combo than I had remembered. To my even bigger surprise, I found that those on the wrong end of the combo have ended up winning the match almost as much as they've ended up losing it! Here's the history:
Winning on the Right Side of the Spinner's Choice + Opponent's Choice Combo:
Let's start with those who have won after spinning "Spinner's Choice" and after having had their opponent spin "Opponent's Choice" (a win that isn't much to write home about.) The first instance of this was a Team's match in Season 3 between Double Jeopardy (Samm Levine/Brad Rutter) and Tuff Beats (Perri Nemiroff/Jonathan Voytko.) Tuff Beats was on the right side of the combo and ended up KO'ing Levine and friend. That same year we saw Murrell get the combo in his title match against Ellis at Spectacular, which led to him winning and defending his belt. We also, that same year, got a semi-taste of the scenario in the Star Wars teams match between Force Bros. (Sam WitweFreddie Prinze Jr.) and The Council (Ken Napzok/John Campea.) Force Bros. got Spinner's, The Council got Opponent's, and Force Bros. won. There are a couple big asterisks here, however. First, the match was a double wheel round, meaning both teams answered questions from two spins. Spinner's and Opponent's only came up once each. Second, the match ended with the infamous Harloff addendum where he acknowledged that he wrongfully gave Freddie Prinze a point when he shouldn't have (Prinze's vocal answer did not match his incorrect written answer lol.)
From there, in Singles, we saw Bateman win with the combo against Ghai (Digital Wheel,) Kalinowski win via TKO with the combo against Jeannine, Jader win with the combo against Vejvoda (Digital Wheel,) and Erwin win via TKO with the combo against Mancuso (Digital Wheel.) In Teams, we saw Team Action win with the combo against Top 10 (I) and Who's The Boss win with the combo against The Odd Couple (I). Interestingly, 3 of the previously mentioned matches involve Bateman haha (also, The Odd Couple had previously beaten WTB when the combo wasn't in play and Top 10 went on to beat Team Action when the combo wasn't in play.) In IG, we've only seen the case happen once where Kalinowski won via KO with the combo against Haibon.
Exhibition match-wise, Nemiroff sort of won with the combo in 2019 in the New Releases Exhibition match. She got Spinner's Choice while Bibbiani and Marzona got Opponent's Choice (though Meyer, who was also playing, got neither.) Slices were via hat-pick.
Winning on the Wrong Side of the Spinner's Choice + Opponent's Choice Combo:
Let's now move onto the more interesting stuff - instances where a player wins after spinning "Opponent's Choice" and after having had their opponent spin "Spinner's Choice" (a win that is much to write home about.) The first case surprisingly happened in a Singles title match in 2017 - Reilly v. Rocha III. Rocha got Spinner's, Reilly got Opponent's, but Reilly ended up winning the match and taking the belt from Rocha! That same year, we saw Six Degrees (Brianne ChandleStacy Howard) overcome the odds of the combo against Tuff Beats (yep, it came back to bite them haha) in a retirement match, where Six Degrees won via TKO!
In Singles, we've seen the case happen twice. First, Reilly got a taste of his own medicine when he lost to Sneider despite being on the right side of the combo. Then, of course, we saw Liz Shannon Miller overcome the combo this year against Bibbiani (Digital Wheel.)
In Teams, we've never seen the case happen.
In IG, we saw Smets overcome the combo against Chandru (I). We then saw, this year, Alex Damon beat Emily Rose Jacobson despite the combo being against him and then Eric Zipper beat...yep you guessed it...Emily Rose Jacobson despite the combo (Digital wheel.) Both times, Emily Rose Jacobson lost via TKO. Funny enough, based on the data, you have a better chance of winning than you do losing if you're on the wrong side of the combo in IG!
Exhibition match-wise, Erwin sort of overcame the combo in 2019 in the Star Trek Exhibition match. Erwin got Opponent's and Smet's got Spinner's, and Erwin went on to win the match. However, Inman and Seibold, who were also in the match, spun neither.
So, when adding up all the data (especially if you remove the weird Force Bros. v. The Council match) we've seen the combo result in 9 (10 if you count exhibitions) wins for the competitor(s) on the right side of the combo and result in 7 (8 if you count exhibitions) wins for the competitor(s) on the wrong side of the combo! That's pretty close! Even crazier, if you remove the Tuff Beats v. Double Jeopardy and Murrell v. Ellis matches due to their outdated formats - the wins are equal (not counting exhibitions.)
So, general thoughts on the combo and/or the matches involving the combo? What were your favorites? What is the most impressive win from a competitor on the wrong side of the combo? I gotta go with the most recent Liz Shannon Miller over Bibbs!
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2020.09.30 02:15 LividCalligrapher Please Help Me Interpret My Lab Results

Hello everyone, I received the lab results below following a physical on 9/18/20; I get my HRT through PP but they haven’t been testing me (due to COVID?) so I asked my GP to run these. What do these tell me, besides “I’m a mutant?” (which is pretty cool to be able to say). Having seen Dr. Powers’ slide deck, I’m assuming it means I need to switch to EV shots; is that right?
First, my HRT history:
Started on 2/12/20 2mg Estradiol per day (1mg 2X daily)
3/11/20 moved up to 4 mg/day (2mg 2X daily)
6/17/20 moved up to 6mg/daily (2mg 3X daily)
I’ve also taken 100mg Spiro daily since beginning. I’ve taken the E sublingually from the start, but have lately converted to buccal (when I remember).
My breast development is at Tanner 3 (my left one can fill a 36C cup pretty well; right one is, of course, smaller). I have noticed some pretty nice new fat deposits around my hips and butt as well.
(I’ve looked through my history for other relevant info, and found only that my serum T was 62ng/dL on 3/14/20; I’m surprised at how little testing PP has done on me; is this common for them, or just a decision of the provider I’ve been seeing? I’d like to switch to an LGBT-specific Dr. a trans friend of mine goes to and highly recommends, but haven’t yet because he doesn’t take insurance and I’m rather cash-poor at the moment.)

Labs – 09/18/2020; blood drawn est. 3-4 hours after dose
E2 (SL) 83.0pg/mL
E1, Serum – 1233pg/mL
E1:E2 = 14.86:1
Total E = ? (I didn’t think to ask for this one, or DHT)
Albumin, Serum – 4.3d/dL
T, total, LC/MS – 11.6ng/dL
SHBG, Serum – 80.8 nmol/L
T, Free, calc – 1.1pg/mL

Using this data, I calculated these numbers on //
Free E2 1.55pb/mL (1.86%)
Free T 0.11 ng/dL

I appreciate any feedback you good people can give me :)
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2020.09.30 02:14 SatsumeTaiyou Request for interviews with first-year undergraduate students

I'm a graduate student in the MS-HCI program working with a group on an assignment due next Monday. It involves conducting interviews with people to gather research data. Our target demographic is first-year undergraduate students, and we would like to ask them questions about their social lives in the midst of the ongoing pandemic.
If you are a first-year undergraduate student, or if you know someone who fits this description, please let me know, and we can talk more.
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2020.09.30 02:12 VadersPetPig1 [Help] How can I clear Safari data? I’m on Unc0ver iOS 13.5, I’ve tried clearing Safari website data in advanced settings, also used iCleaner as well. All my Safari Plus downloads are deleted as well.

[Help] How can I clear Safari data? I’m on Unc0ver iOS 13.5, I’ve tried clearing Safari website data in advanced settings, also used iCleaner as well. All my Safari Plus downloads are deleted as well. submitted by VadersPetPig1 to jailbreak [link] [comments]

2020.09.30 02:12 AnimeIRL How do I extract a large file upload to disk in actix-web without caching the entire upload in memory or on disk?

I'm trying to set up an api that takes a large (potentially several GB) compressed tar.xz, extracts it to the disk, and returns 202 Accepted as soon as it's finished reading the upload request (not waiting until the entire archive has been extracted). Unfortunately I haven't been able to find anything online helpful on how to do this, specifically: How do I take the series of chunked bytes objects actix-multipart provides and actually use them since all the archive libraries I can find need a single Read object for their input and how do I do this in some sort of async(?) "thread" so the api doesn't hang until the entire thing is complete. Googling had mention of actix_rt::spawn but this library appears to be entirely undocumented. Current code:
#[post("/upload")] async fn upload(mut multipart: Multipart) -> Result { let mut field = multipart.try_next().await?.ok_or("No field").unwrap(); web::block( fs::create_dir_all("./out")) .await .unwrap(); // How do I make thread or similar that can read the data below and extract to disk without blocking the request? while let Some(chunk) = { let data = chunk.unwrap(); // How do I get `data` into a struct that's usable by something that is read immediately as bytes go in (e.g. not just shoving every chunk into a giant Vec and making the entire system run out of memory)? }; Ok(HttpResponse::Accepted().json(json!({"status": "accepted"}))) } 
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2020.09.30 02:11 OTFSweeTz Need advice on next step in career?

Advice/ Options for my next step
Hi everyone! I wasn’t sure where to get help so thought I would start here
I’m 25, have my BA in Business Management and have experience in insurance sales and have been currently working for a healthcare company which helps manage travel nurses for a huge healthcare firm. I am currently an Operations analyst and my duties include tracking and auditing financial/ software discrepancy reports, risk assessment, managing date accuracy during system integration and acquisitions, partnering with account management credentialing departments to resolve issues and discrepancies within our technology as well as setting up/ creating/ associating new suppliers and users.
This was a great job as a starting spot and I have worked hard and won 2 awards which included a 3 day trip to Mexico with my company. However I have never gotten a promotion and $1 raise in almost 3 years. There was an opportunity this summer but with COVID it was put on hold. I am at the point where I need to make more money/ advance in my career.
My job is a mix of account management/ quality assurance. I love connecting with people and am very fools at customer service/ sales. However I am also good at learning new technology and data analytics. I am not sure what jobs align with my skills or my previous experience but if anyone has any insight or ideas for me that would be fantastic! I am open to furthering my education/ getting certified as well! Any potential career ideas I am open too! Thank you!
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2020.09.30 02:10 AmIACat47 Can't access a part of the game that I paid for. Will someone from IW or Activision please explain?

On ps4 I have spent hours trying to download the data pack for multiplayer to no avail. I would like to access the part of the game that I have paid 60 dollars for thank you very much.
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2020.09.30 02:09 lorid24 How to create a formula that tries different values?

Hi guys, I'm trying to figure out a formula or an application where I can enter a list of numbers derived from some previous calculations and have all the resulting values come out positive. Currently I try different values by hand on each cell of row F, that gives me a value for G and then row H is the total of the sum of all F cells (2050 in this case) minus corresponding row G. I currently do this by hand for each cell in F adjusting the numbers until all values in H are positive. Is there any way to create a formula for H or another app where it will automatically try different values for F until all resulting H values are positive? With a small sample like this I can do it in a few minutes but for larger data sets it can easily take hours to come up with the right combination of values. F G H 200 2200 150 450 2250 200 700 2100 50 425 2125 75 150 2400 350 125 2250 200
Thank you!
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2020.09.30 02:05 throwravolcano I (25m) was raised in a very small religious/science cult based around alien abduction. My husband (37m) knows I'm embarrassed by this but uses against me constantly, but joking and during fights.

I don't want to go too much into my background because it would probably be very easy to figure out who my parents are so some details are specifically changed.
I am one of 7 kids (4 half, 3 direct). The four kids from my dad's first marriage were raised with him being a very rational data scientist. The 3 of us from his second marriage were essentially raised in a cult who's central philosophy was the "scientific proof" of alien abduction. I was told my entire life that I had been conceived as the result of my parents being forced to have sex in an operating room aboard a spaceship. I honestly believed it until I was about 15.
Because of the massive difference in the way the different sets of siblings were raised, the 3 of us were subject to massive ridicule from our older half-siblings. They would spend the summers with us and I don't ever remember a time where I wasn't truly terrified of them because of how bad they would make fun of and bully me. For as deep of a believer that my dad was, he never once intervened on my behalf to stop the bullying and my oldest sister was actually a year older than my mom so they bullied her into submission as well. My only sanctuary during the summers was with other kids in my parents group which actually only reinforced my belief in my parents' teachings.
The fact that I honestly believed I was conceived in outer space along with continual harassments from my half siblings (and to a lesser extent, kids at school) led me to suffering from severe PTSD from the time I realized my parents were in a cult until now. Needless to say it's not something I joke about, ever.
I married my husband in a whirlwind romance after meeting on vacation. To be very honest, we did not spend enough time getting to know each other (which is probably a whole other post). Having said that the issue that is literally tearing me apart right now is the fact the he uses my child hood trauma against me.
First he does it in a joking manner. Any time we see an airplane at night he'll say something like "uh-oh watch out, your overlords might be landing to take you home!" or as another example any time we see anything having to do with aliens on netflix or AP he'll say something like "is that your uncle Zantar?" I have told him I don't find these jokes funny and he promises he wont do again but he always does.
What's worse is that he'll use these things against me in a fight. I could give numerous examples but last night we went to dinner and I got extremely jealous because the waitress was openly flirting with him. He is very good about shutting down men hitting on him but he will flirt with women to the point of leaving me in tears. When I confronted him on the way out of the restarurant, he screamed at me "fucking freaks who were raised in cults can catch a fucking uber. I don't need your shit." I tried to calmly tell him that what he was saying was very hurtful. He tried to slam me between wall and door of one of those spinning door things then spit on me and called me a freak again and took off. I have not seen nor heard from him since that happened.
I am so lost. Obviously the fight last night has left me traumatized all over again and I don't even know where to begin. I do love him so breaking up is not an option at this point. But since he wont accept me asking him to change his behavior, what I can I do?
tl;dr: my husband makes fun of me and uses my child hood against me all the time. What can i do?
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2020.09.30 02:03 realvinie 001# — Origin of fluffies, a different point of view of their creation and a theory about the aftermath. [By Vinie]

001# — Origin of fluffies, a different point of view of their creation and a theory about the aftermath.


All people heard, even if just a glimpse, about the origin of the bio-toys called Fluffies, which are scientifically called Equus Ferus caballus hasbioidae; small furry creatures that use children's language and have low cognitive ability. Simple creatures that were literally created to love unconditionally and enjoy playing games. However, there are many mysteries regarding the basic information on its creation, and this thesis aims, even if only superficially, to shed light on such an abyss of disinformation.


As previously mentioned, Fluffies were created as a form of a chimera, using genes from several animals, by the Hasbro company, using the highest technology in the genetic engineering sector to create “ponies" similar to the animated series "My little pony” — but of course, "realistically".
As a product, the first Fluffies were born, small horses capable of speaking and understanding the human language; something that was a paradigm break; especially because the company was able to encode information in the creatures' genes, allowing them a basic behavioral programming that would be copied and replicated in all future generations.
What few know is that the fluffy project was a big secret, and that the PETA raid that released the shit, rats across the US was, in fact, a boon for most of humanity.
In the company's genetic research coming to light, the government found itself obliged to intervene and destroy the material studied, despite rumors that, when the agents came to carry out their work, the research was partially destroyed and / or corrupted, with indications that an employee stole it at the last minute.
But, with the rapid proliferation of "Fluffies", it became apparent that the company played god and that it found a way to encode information in the genes of living beings. This information was classified as extremely dangerous; which incurred a huge fine for Hasbro that almost took them to bankruptcy.
Still, the little animals were successful with the public, and the CEO of Hasbro took the opportunity to change its brand to Hasbio, and thus use all the knowledge stored about pre-programmed behavior of the Fluffies to rise once again. Initially Hasbio profited only from the sale of Fluffies and related products, then increased its profit with Fluffy TV and marketing, which served as a source of information on how to deal with animals as well as something for Fluffies who were left alone at home; finally, when a feral population of Fluffies became a problem, it acted on the front lines on its control.
Thus, after a few years of the initial incident, the company became more powerful than ever, operating in the toy sector (as it was originally), as well as in the food sector (specialized foods for Fluffies, as well as fluffy meat and synthetic milk), textiles (The hair of the Fluffies is very soft), specialized products and extermination; And the list are as they insert themselves go on and on...
In time, the company became so big that they were able to repurchase (on the black market) part of the original research which made the creation of micro Fluffies and aquatic Fluffies be realized. The government can do little against the mega corporation, as it has already gathered a lot of power and influence. Still, the biology of the Fluffies is flawed, but this is a positive thing for Hasbio, as they can create training centers where these problems can be "fixed" and educated. (But this can be done at home, without a problem). There are also rumors that Hasbio has released, through various clandestine means, feral Fluffies herds in all corners of the world; to increase their influence over the world and its population.
Of course, several companies seek to compete with the giant called Hasbio. However, difficult it may be, and some have even achieved some success. An example of this is the “conglomerate”, the union of several companies of several sizes that joined together to have more competitive market strength, buying a copy of the data from the initial research of the Fluffies and filling in the gaps with their own projects; One of the products they managed to create was the fluffiest griffons, but these did not reproduce as much, and although they are much more intelligent, they were not so successful with the public.
PS: this is my initial head cannon and my own interpretation of the events that started it all. In no way does it take the weight off, or even cannonicity, from the one presented in fluffydex. It's just a new way to see the initial events and, from this, provide the basis for my next stories.
Sorry if there are many mistakes or if anything doesn't make sense because, as I say in another post, English is not my native language,,, but I really need to write something. Well... I accept any good criticism.
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